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Post  Oikaio on 2011-05-22, 12:46

Making money online? Difficult...?
Sure is, or it would be if it wasn't for BuxHitz!
BuxHitz has a simple but extremely helpfull purpose.
BuxHitz gives you a clear straight forward report on the highest paying trusted paid-to-click (ptc) sites.

Don't know what a PTC site is? Here let me explain...
In the online world of money making there is publishers, advertisers and you (the web surfers).
Advertisers spend the money, publishers receive the money and in some cases YOU can receive a share of that money.
Paid to click sites take money from advertisers to display an advert on there website for a set amount of time, YOU can get paid to click and view this advert.

So where does BuxHitz come in?
Unfortunately in the online world today it's easy for people to create sites with the sole intention of exploiting it's users.
Thefore BuxHitz try and test each PTC site for YOU.
If they think the site is good enough and they've been paid they'll display the information and stats you need to know when choosing which PTC sites to use, along with proof of payment!
BuxHitz has a few extra goodies! They explain in depth what a PTC site is, they introduce you to what BUX-MATRIX is and how it works (another way to make money) and even a touch of how to make money from playing poker!
So what are you waiting for? Get over to BuxHitz now and start making money!

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