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Directory Contest - Now On

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cheers Directory Contest - Now On

Post  rozzex on 2010-05-22, 12:34

Welcome to our first competition. We have plans to have many more after this one.

This contest is called

Directory Contest

Here are the details.

The winner will recieve
You will either receive 100 rozzex coins or a weeks worth of your website banner placed on every page of at the top of the screen. You will be given the choice of what you would like to receive.

What to do
What you must do is add the information i will give you to the list of directory's. Once you have added the supplied information you must then state in a reply to this topic which directory you submitted to, once i receive an email from the stated directory i will then cross it off the list. The member who submits the information to the most directory's will win. Simple. The contest will run until all the directory's have been submitted to.

List of directorys


If any directory's are no longer working or you cannot submit the information supplied then state this in a reply and it will be removed from the list.

The information

Some directory's will not need all of the information and some will need more.

Name: rozzex admin
Title: targeted website advertising network - quick instant traffic - rozzex
Category: Advertising (may be a sub category in business)
Description: Get an ad for your website displayed across many sites. We have created a unique ad rotator which will randomly display your ad, there's no limits to how many times your ad is viewed or clicked. Once you place our ad code onto your site your ad will instantly be activated and will start being displayed randomly on the other sites in the network.

Reciprocal link: (to add the code they give you go to and place the code in the box then press add code. Do not spam this as i will ban you for wasting my time.

If you must sign up to the site first, then please create an account using your details and then copy the email in a reply on this thread once you have added the information.

If unsure about anything tell me and i will try to help.

Let the contest begin Very Happy


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cheers Re: Directory Contest - Now On

Post  dballerp on 2010-05-22, 12:54

Good job with this Rozz, hope people will actually do this.

Good luck to you all

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cheers hi how r u ?

Post  Sam1parker on 2010-12-29, 01:17

hey thanks for information pls share with us that type of information in future


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cheers Re: Directory Contest - Now On

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