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Cheap CardSharing Satellite TV

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cheers Cheap CardSharing Satellite TV

Post  Oikaio on 2011-11-30, 10:55

Sick of paying ridiculous prices for your TV subscription?
Well you're not alone, I personally have Sky, Sky+ and Sky+ HD in my house all on separate packages in different rooms and it costs a bomb! is a cheap alternative to purchasing a TV subscription, they offer Sky (which is very big in the UK but also available is Sky Germany, Sky Ireland and Sky Italy!), ESPN, Cyfra+ and many more providers. Since you're reading this in English I recommend you purchase Sky UK as it has over a thousand TV channels with a wide selection of programs to choose from.

I can't explain how it works myself but CBGL can...

"What is Cardsharing? Cardsharing is the ability of more than one receiver to operate using the same legitimate card. Generally, in this situation the receiver is connected to a computer. This acts as the host for the information. All of the other receivers who wish to access the information become clients. The clients are then able to access the unencrypted code via the host. Another facet of this system is that you can connect to more than one television. However, if you only have one receiver you will only be able to watch one channel at any given time. If you do want to use cardsharing, you will have to purchase a subscription. A subscription will provide you with the codes, which will allow you to get a clear unencrypted picture. CCcam and receivers are quickly becoming a popular way of getting satellite television."

For more information on how it works visit...
Pricing -
List of packages (E.G Sky) -

By the way... You can also get a free test!

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cheers Re: Cheap CardSharing Satellite TV

Post  ProClerk1 on 2011-11-30, 17:59

Well this one is awesome post. Very nice info post share.
I will try soon as possible.

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