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Make Money with Short URls

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cheers Make Money with Short URls

Post  rajneshkumar on 2011-04-16, 05:01

What is short url?
Short urls are popular these days when you need to send a long url since twitter just allow its user input 140 one time.Short url service,also called url redirection and url forwarding,are tecniques used on the internet to make a webpage availabe under shorter urls.

Make money with's short urls. display intertitial ads when redirecting visitors to the destination web page.1000 times display will give you $3.5,what's more,when visitors clicks on these ads you get money for $0.2 per click.Below is the rate.

COUNTRY PER CLICK INTERSTITIAL CPM UNITED STATES $.20 $3.50 CANADA $.20 $3.00 UNITED KINGDOM $.18 $3.00 AUSTRALIA $.10 $2.00 has developed lots of plugins to help the webmasters to monetize their site.Now Wordpress,Vbulletin and Phpbb ready made plugins available to give you a new choice to monetize your website.These plugins just turn those outgoing links into urls automatically.You can even integrate your site with easily with their helps if you are not using script above.
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cheers Re: Make Money with Short URls

Post  ProClerk1 on 2011-11-30, 17:11

Well this is highly appreciated post. Helpful info.


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