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When Do You Have a School Football Extension?

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cheers When Do You Have a School Football Extension?

Post  jerseysyin on 2011-01-17, 22:08

When Do You Have a School Football Extension?
The only issue now that most football fans have in mind is that - no playoffs in reality? Some of them can be considered a dream in particular, the BCS opponents. Currently, the BCS has a television contract through 2013. And the BCS does not feel any pressure to change before or after that date.
Today, large schools are not encouraged to share the wealth they produce from the time of big bowls. Players often wear nfl football jerseys in the training. Conferences like the SEC treat their season as a game, when the national champion is out of this conference, the last three years and five times in the history of eleven years of the BCS. But most formats include theoretical playoff champion of each conference BCS.
Although this seems an extension would create more wealth to spread around the world, presidents of universities have very different ideas on how to distribute the money. It is true that enlargement is likely to produce more than the $ 17.5 million to the SEC and Big 12 on behalf of Florida and Oklahoma in 2009 national championship game. Players usually wear customizable football jerseys in the training. However, although the pie grow, there would be many more teams trying to catch a piece. A second phase would allow four, eight, sixteen teams or certain pension for the national championship game. This would create more teams in search of a cup.
Teams like Utah, Boise State and other schools that had undefeated records during the past few think they should have had a chance to play for the national championship. The Attorney General of Utah, went up to an antitrust lawsuit against the BCS for refusing to give the Utes a chance to play for the championship. Players often wear nfl jersey in the training. On the other hand, invests these great public schools in the SEC, Big 12, plus some other than USC and Ohio State as much money in their sport and has developed programs, they do not think they should be overthrown by a new Buster "BCS" each year. Head coach of Utah, Kyle Wittingham, the 80th highest paid coach in college football. There are fewer all the SEC schools, including rings Vanderbilt and Kentucky.
Presidents of the commitment to produce first-class football team should be rewarded. It seems to ensure that the BCS is to respect their TV contract through 2013. But then, college presidents and the NCAA cannot be held responsible for the future of the sport. Why President Obama announced that he was in favor of a playoff-thing's got some contacts in Congress. According to ESPN, Attorney General Mark Shurtleff of Utah is expected to file the antitrust suit in June 2009. If the BCS was found guilty of antitrust violations would be forced to create a new "open and inclusive system of" playoffs.

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