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cheers Official Forum Shop

Post  dballerp on 2010-05-10, 19:55

Welcome to the official forum shop!

We offer many things that will make you very pleased. Here are the current items on sale:

- Opening your own shop (40 rozzex coins)
- Custom user title (30 rozzex coins)
- Bold, italic or underlined user name (15 rozzex coins)
- Username change (30 rozzex coins)
- Vip member (40 rozzex coins per month, so you must request how many months you want to have it)
- Your own pet (25 rozzex coins to activate, 15 rozzex coins to change your animal)

Opening your own shop - You may open your own shop and examples of what you can sell is like packages, graphics requests, etc

Custom user title - Simply put, request any type of user title that you would like. Maximum is 20 letters

Bold, italic or underlined user name - Simply request which one of these you want for your user name. You can only have one style, so you must request another one to change it

Username change - Simply put, request any name change that you want. Make sure it is not something inappropriate

Your own pet - You are allowed to request your own pet now. Pick from these 5 options or you can create/use another icon from another site. These are the ones you can choose from:

So choose one from these or put your own

Vip Member - Vip membership will give you these benefits:

- Access to staff forums
- 10% off all services
- VIP rank image
- One free service (not packages)
- You are allowed to put 4 links in your signature
- Able to request 2 username changes every month that you keep your VIP membership

So request something today!

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