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Who is in qontrol?

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cheers Who is in qontrol?

Post  rozzex on 2010-10-07, 12:19

Do you believe that the world isn't quite how it seems. Let's face it most of us know something's wrong and a lot of people know what i believe could be the truth.

The government is controlled by the bankers. Central banks control the money system. The government cannot print any more money without the permission of the central bank. The central bank then print's the money. Why do you think we use money? The world has the same currency through every country, which is gold. All we have are receipts. Which carries debt. The American dollar has the all seeing eye on with latin writing. This translates to the new world order. Look it up. The new world order is depopulation and en slavement of the world.

heres an example of how many people know about this.

I personally think that this is fully possible, it happened in germany with hitler. He staged the burning of the reichstag. As we did with 9/11 and london bombings. This has given emergancy powers. Which means dictatorship. This is more clever though as they have kept up the illusion of voting and who is appointed to power. After all the banks are funding this.

anyway what's your opinion?


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