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mod application

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accepted mod application

Post  undercoverjamil on 2010-07-05, 13:10

How old are you?: Do I have to say?

Will you promise to stay active?: NO! jokes I'll obviously be active, otherwise I would have just advertised my site and left.

Will you fulfill your duties as a moderator?: I guess so. Nothing else for me to do really

Define spam and flaming in your own words: Spam is nasty chopped pork with disgusting ham. Or it could mean posting something not relevant to the topic/forum. Not sure which one you wanted answering.

Notes: Don't know why I posted this application. Probably just because I want to show everyone on this site that I am the best (dballerp? <-- nothing compared to me). This is probably not going to be accepted anyway.

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accepted Re: mod application

Post  dballerp on 2010-07-06, 10:28

Hope you realize I'm blankblank on your forum.

I know you very well, but you kinda made a bad app. Any other admin would just say this is a joke app.

But I like you. Yessir

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