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pawngame - massive multiplayer game

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cheers pawngame - massive multiplayer game

Post  dballerp on 2010-06-21, 18:41

This game is a massive multiplayer game called pawn game. It's a 2D flash game, it's an rpg game, which feature many guns such as the p90, desert eagle and even a double action shotgun.

There's even a sequel called Pawn Tactics, which is a bigger massive game. It features 7 major classes and includes grenades, guns, knives, and so much more.

Currently, the games are somewhat broken because of what they call "spike lag" and people have quit. However, the creater is working on a new game called ZED, all the info can be found in the beta section.

So come join and play, I need some friends on that game. rocking on

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cheers Re: pawngame - massive multiplayer game

Post  Marc on 2010-06-22, 13:13

I don't play much games on the Internet, Sad

But, that looks like a nice website.

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