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cheers Join Jerryology Staff

Post  jerry on 2010-06-09, 10:52

First, I would like to welcome all of you to join my site. Second, we are in google in first place with the term: "jerryology"
Third, If you place a link back on a PR3+ site, I will link back to PRX1-3 of your sites.
So, a PR3, PR4, PR5 will get 1,2,3 linkbacks respectively.
Anyway, we are a PHPBB forum host. I coded this myself, so I can easily edit and add mods. I welcome custom styles. I allow you to give me a style you made, however, it will be screened for security.
Forth, I am in need of staff.

Forum Admin (Support Forum): (2)
Forum Moderator (Support Forum): (2)
Promoter (Site): (2)
Forum Moderator (Site): (2)
Admin (Site): (1)
Co-Owner (Support): (1)
To apply for this, Co-Owner, you must IM me at:
GTalk: ismywb (at) gmail (dot) (youknow)
MSN: Laces12 (at) live (dot) (youknow)
Yahoo: Jerryinchost

All other jobs may be posted here, or at

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cheers Re: Join Jerryology Staff

Post  Marc on 2010-06-11, 16:00

Nice website.

Everyone should use this website to create their forums.

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