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Forum rules

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cheers Forum rules

Post  dballerp on 2010-05-10, 19:29

Official forum rules:

Read the rules carefully or you will be warned and possibly banned

Posts and threads
- The only language that is allowed is english
- Do not flame anyone in the forum. This will be taken seriously
- Posting a topic in the wrong section will be moved. If it happens
again, we will notify you and move it again. Last time, you get warned
- You can advertise as many sites as you want, but they cannot be the same
- If you're posting in a section that requires you to post a
specific code, you must follow that code exactly. You will be given 24
hours notice if you have not followed the code and if you don't edit it
after that, it will be locked
- We're all friends here, we always help each other out. But just remember to follow rule number 3 to get the fastest response.
- you may bump threads every 24 hours. You must post a reason for bumping it anyways. For advertising your site, you may just say bump every 24 hours.
- Do not make a thread like "Make me admin nao". Doing so will receive a nice little punishment
- Do not post anything illegal, it will be removed and you will be punished

Signatures and avatar
- Do not post or put anything in your signature or avatar that is in any way offensive or inappropriate
- Don't put anything too big on your signature
- Your avatar must be a maximum of 125 x 125.
- You can post up to 2 links in your signature (you must request a VIP membership if you would like 4)

- You cannot create alternative accounts and/or use other people's accounts. Anyone violating this will get their accounts deleted immediately

Private messages
- You are not allowed to spam message people (constant messaging other people)
- You are not allowed to message me or anyone else begging them to do something for them. This also includes begging people to hurry up and finish anything they promised you.
- If you flame anyone in a pm, you will be punished

Remember, if you catch anyone breaking any of these rules, pm me the
user and your proof. If you just tell me to ban this person, you will
receive a nice little warning. However, if, and only if, you state in
the pm that you cannot get the proof at the moment, I will allow a period of 24 hours for you to send me the proof.

Remember, these rules will change at any time

- dballerp

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